7 emerging social media marketing trends for 2014

Pinterest, Vine and Google Plus: three of the sites to keep an eye on in 2014. Source: socialmedia.biz Predictions to help businesses stay ahead of the curve Guest post by Nikhil Jain Target audience: Marketing professionals, SEO specialists, PR pros, brand managers, businesses, nonprofits, educators, Web publishers, journalists. With 2014 knocking on the door, we thought it was…



21 of the Best #Hashtag Tools

The post 21 of the Best #Hashtag Tools appeared first on Socialable.   Hashtags are extremely useful social media tools that can help you get more exposure, improve your social media reach and create successful social media campaigns. However, coming up with great hashtags and then tracking them is not always as easy as it seems. Here is a list…



10 Tips to Grow Your Facebook Audience and Interaction

This post by Gregory Brey, appeared first on keystoneclick. Roughly 80 percent of businesses are on Facebook, according to a recent survey.  Local or national based, Facebook can improve your company on multiple levels.  How do you amplify your reach and exposure?  Here’s a list of ten ways to help improve your Facebook page and the amount of interaction…



How To Tweet Photos So You’ll Get The Most Retweets

This post by Allison Stadd appeared first mediabistro. (Source: Dan Zarrella. Smartphone camera image via Oppo Forums.)     HubSpot’s “Social Media Scientist” Dan Zarrella recently collected a dataset of more than 400,000 randomly selected tweets and calculated the number of times each tweet received a native (“new”, as opposed to manual RT) retweet in order to determine the most successful method by…


10 Instagram Photographers

10 Instagram Photographers You Should Follow

With over 150 million active users uploading an average of 55 million pictures a day, Instagram is the most popular dedicated photo-sharing site on the web. Yet, as many photo enthusiasts can attest, with so many people sharing so many images, it’s not easy to find well-crafted, expressive images amid the bathroom selfies and burrito…